ADL Denounces Anti-Abortion Kotel ‘Memorial’

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today denounced an effort led by two pastors to build an international pro-life “memorial” in Wichita, Kansas, in what is being described as an exact replica of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, calling it “an outrageous affront to the Jewish people” and a perversion of Judaism’s holiest site.

Wichita-based Pastors Rob Rotola of the Word of Life Church and Mark Holick of the Spirit One Christian Ministry are heading a group that has announced plans for construction of an “International Pro-Life Memorial & National Life Center” in Wichita, describing it as “a place of repentance, meditation and healing.”

Holick reportedly said in a press release that the center will include the International Pro Life Institute, whose focus will be preserving, promoting and protecting “the unborn and families against the international Holocaust being promoted by governments and individuals … against the unborn.”


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