Israel’s Divorce Rate Up 5%; TA Tops List

A report summarizing the activity of rabbinical courts in 2012 reveals a rise in the State of Israel’s divorce rates, alongside a slight step up in sanctions against divorce recalcitrants and violent husbands.

In addition, the accepted correlation between a high level of religiousness and a low divorce rate has been refuted.

The figures presented in the report point to a further increase in the number of couples getting divorced in the State of Israel in the past two years – from 9,640 couples in 2010 to 10,964 couples in 2012. In the past year alone, Israel’s divorce rate went up 5%.

The figures also reveal that the divorce rate is not necessarily affected by the couple’s piety level. The ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, located in the middle of the chart with 147 divorces in the past year, precedes secular cities like Givatayim and Ramat Hasharon.


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