In My Window Garden: Kalanchoe From Cuttings

I have always loved Kalanchoe, with its tiny vibrant blooms, but I can’t say that I’ve been all the successful in maintaining these flowering succulents for more than a season or two. But now I have new hope, as I have managed to root some Kalanchoe cuttings and they are now producing tiny pink blooms!

The funny thing is, that last Fall as I was walking home one day I spotted some succulent pieces on the side walk, and while I didn’t recognize them as Kalanchoe, I figured I’d stick them in a pot and see what happens. So there they sat in my window garden all winter, and having weathered a fairly cold winter are now blooming! And now that I’ve done just a bit of research for this post, I realize that my lack of success with Kalanchoe plants in the past has most likely been overwatering, they are after all succulents and need to dry out thoroughly before receiving more water. And do keep in mind, that if you purchase a Kalanchoe and it doesn’t thrive, why not root some cuttings from the plant before you toss it?


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