Signs Of Spring In The Upper Galilee

When the wild red poppies start covering the fields in the Galil, you know that Spring is here. There really is nothing quite as lovely and inspiring as taking a walk and suddenly coming upon a field of gorgeous wild flowers. Especially when you’re not expecting it!

This week I took my son to the dentist in the little town of Rosh Pina, and fortunately brought my camera along!

Ah, an orchard of olive trees and the lush green rolling hills of Northern Israel. Looks like Northern California, right? While you’re pondering that thought, brace yourself for the next photo, which I’m quite sure will totally change your perception of what Israel looks like!

What? A snow covered mountain? Yes, my friends, this is Mount Hermon, the tallest mountain in Israel, who also happens to bridge the border between Israel and Syria. We can’t see this mountain from our home, so when it came into site on the way to the dentist, our jaws just dropped.


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