Dvar Torah Bo: Moses’ Innovation

Last week we introduced the notion that, unlike all other prophets, Moses received revelation in Dolby Digital TrueHD.  In other words, the reception was so clear that Moses was able to transcribe the data with ultraprecision, providing the basis for our exacting attitude towards biblical exegesis based on such things as choice of vocabulary and grammar, as well as even the most subtlest variations in normative sentence or word structure.

But there is also another way in which we can see a difference between Moses and all the other prophets, and that is in how Moses was an innovator.In last week’s parsha, we saw Moses approach Pharaoh numerous times to warn him about upcoming plagues — each time, however, was preceded by a detailed instruction to Moses from on High to do so.  The words God spoke to Moses are not duplicated in the text as the words Moses spoke to Pharaoh, and there are two ways to go about explaining this.

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