How to Celebrate Yahrtzeit

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Jews celebrate death anniversaries solemnly. Yahrzeit rituals allow  mourners to honor the memory of the deceased. During Yahrzeit, we allow ourselves to re-experience the pain of losing our loved one while at the same time celebrating the life they lived .

  • Light a Yahrzeit candle at sundown on the night before Yahrzeit. A Yahrzeit candle is a memorial candle traditionally lit to honor the deceased. The flame of the Yahrzeit candle symbolizes the soul of the deceased.
  • Give tzedakah to honor the deceased’s memories. Contact a Jewish charity organization to make a donation or plant trees in Israel through the Jewish National Fund.
  • Say the Mourner’s Kaddish. A Mourner’s Kaddish is a form of Kaddish recited for 11 months following the death of a loved one and during Yahrzeit.
  • Learn the Torah. Read the Torah with your loved ones or with someone from your community.
  • Do the Kiddish ritual by sponsoring one at the synagogue.
  • Fast on this day from sunrise to sundown.

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