Gilad Shalit takes first trip outside Mitzpe Hila

Slowly readjusting: Gilad Shalit, accompanied by his father Noam, left his Galilee hometown of Mitzpe Hila for a few hours on Saturday morning, for the first time since his release from Hamas captivity on Tuesday.

Shalit was released after nearly five and a half years in captivity.

The two used a side road to drive out of Mitzpe Hila at around 8:15 am, and according to Ynet’s sources they headed to a nearby beach, at Gilad’s request. They returned about three hour later.

On Saturday afternoon, the family issued a short statement saying that Gilad spent the weekend seeing friends and getting reacquainted with his old hobbies. “Family and friends are slowly introducing Gilad to the current reality, different things in the world of computers etc. He’s also been reading newspapers.”


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