Feliz Hanukkah! Celebrating Hanukkah in Argentina

Hanukkah is celebrated by all Jews around the world. In North America and Europe, Hanukkah is usually celebrated during winter time. In Argentina, however, Hanukkah is celebrated during summer. Here’s how you can celebrate Hanukkah in Argentina:

  • There are a number of kosher restaurants in Argentina so you can celebrate a sumptuous Hanukkah meal with your family in an Argentinian restaurant.
  • Visit the neighborhood of Once located in Buenos Aires. Once is a neighborhood with predominant Jewish population. There are lots of Jewish shops, synagogues and kosher restaurants found in Once.
  • Witness the public menorah lighting for Hanukkah in Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires.
  • Visit the Israeli Embassy Plaza and pay respect to those who lost their lives in 1992 when the Israeli embassy was attacked. Don’t forget to visit the Raoul Wallemberg Monument as well as the Latin American Rabbinic Seminary.
  • Follow the Jewish tradition of giving gelts and gifts to your friends in Argentina.

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