Do Not Interrupt Lil’ Dicky’s Jewish Flow

zpa7pc384a8b5ms0irq-300x171Thank you, Jewlicious, for giving me something to smirk about on this ever-so-gloomy Monday: Lil Dicky‘s epic rap battle with Hitler.

(For you sensitive types, please be warned that “Jewish Flow” contains egregious use of Nazi symbolism, prolific drug use via a gas mask bong and many instances of the word “vagina” to make a feminist cringe.)

What do y’all think: Is his mother proud or sitting shivah for this shanda? On one hand, I am fist-pumped-up for a Jewish rapper to take down the ultimate muthaf*cka with his hilarity, no matter how obscene.

Then again, it gives me the creeps to hear it from a kid who looks way too much like my son’s camp counselor.


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