A Brand New “Jewess with Attitude”

Amid all the grandboys with their Tonka trucks, their Thomas the Tanks, and their Transformers, a tiny but distinctly female presence dropped into our lives six days ago.

There lies our freshly minted grandgirl (Those eyes! Those toes! That tush!), cocooned in her ducky-print swaddle, cupid lips sucking the dreams of her last feeding.

This is a child who was born knowing how, within minutes of her first cry practicing her sucking skill on her mom with a calm determination.

In fact, loyal readers of this blog will be happy to hear this small person (you can e-mail after Sunday for her name) is already a “Jewess with Attitude.” Baby to Mother: “Look at me: I’m the length of your forearm. I’ve got no teeth, no hair to speak of and little in the way of body fat. I’ve got an entire body to build and you’re the one with the raw material needed to do the job. Day vs. night, it matters not. Now let’s get to work!”

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