Farewell and Reflections From a Jewess with Attitude

Dear friends,

After three invaluable years, I’m signing off as Communications Specialist and Blogger-in-Chief at the Jewish Women’s Archive.

In the three years since I started on my journey with Jewesses with Attitude, this blog has undergone a transformation. Its readership has grown from around 6,000 unique viewers per month to nearly 16,000 per month. A dedicated, passionate, and diverse group of writers have joined us, lending their voices to create a chorus of commentary on topics of interest to Jewish women. Jewesses with Attitude has grown from a small, niche blog to a national, competitive blog—a destination for thoughtful analysis, courageous opinions, and stories of all kinds of trailblazing Jewish women.

I’ve grown too. When I started here in 2009, I had never taken a Women’s Studies course. I didn’t yet identify as a feminist (even though today I understand that I always have been one). I had never heard of Bella Abzug, Emma Lazarus, or Gertrude Elion.

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