Jewish Women Inspire during Women’s History Month

Last Hanukkah, the we celebrated the women who light up our lives (video). Now, during Women’s History Month, we have continued the project by creating a place where you can tell us about a woman who lights up YOUR life.

Jewish Women Inspire, an ultra-sharable blog hosted on Tumblr, is a place where we can collected stories, remembrances, and notes about the American Jewish women who inspire us. We asked you to contribute by adding a brief account of an American Jewish woman whom you admire for her accomplishments, endurance, chutzpah, humor, imagination, integrity, kindness, or any other quality. Halfway through the month, 29 people have shared stories of the women who inspire them, including family members, historical figures, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, friends, and Barbra Streisand.

Here is a taste of what you can find on Jewish Women Inspire:

“Margot carries picket signs in front of the Boston Public Library, Harvard University, and doesn’t hesitate to stand up when it is appropriate, needed and so few do. Her spirit is indomitable.”


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