The Pain Post

To be human is to feel pain. Show me a soul that has walked this earth, that has lived and died unscathed, unscarred—physically and emotionally.

I am writing this post to you from home, in bed, and in pain. Physical pain. A lot of it. And emotional pain too, because of that deep, mind-body connection we hear so much about.

I can barely walk. I can barely think. But I will write, and hopefully make a personal experience universal.

When I am in pain, I think of my Grandmother who used to say, “This too shall pass.” She would also say, “Carry on.” She would also say “Shhhh…. simmer down now!” It used to be trendy to buy journals or wear t-shirts with the tag line: “Stay calm, and carry on.” Now it’s trendy to sport the infinite variations-“stay calm and drink on”; “stay calm and dream on”; and my favorite: “stay calm and dance on.” Whenever I see one of the variants, I inevitably smile and chalk it up to a “sign” from her; it would always put things in perspective. And when you have a shift in perspective, regardless of the specifics, it does help mitigate the pain. Somewhat.



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