Crown Heights Culinarians Introduce Pesach Sausages

Sausage is a sin no more – even for Passover. Two Crown Heights foodies who started a kosher meat and deli business 18 months ago are adding specially-made sausage for the holiday which starts Friday at sundown.

“Never in the history of Passover have Jews had sausage, ” said Jack Silberstein, 26, showing off the $7.99 packs of Spicy Southwestern and Beef Kielbasa links from Jack’s Gourmet.

While pork sausage is always prohibited under Jewish law, other types like chicken and turkey are permitted – but banned along with many other foods on Passover because they contain starchy ingredients.

The kosher-for-Passover treats were born after Silberstein and his partner Dr. Alan Broner, 64, a dentist, had to shut down their Newark factories during the holidays last year. So, for this Passover they came up with the special holiday sausage and have already sold 60,000 pieces. ShopRites and kosher grocery shops in New York and across the country sell the goods.


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