Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

Crepe paper flowers are simple to whip up, and make a perfect little gift when a little something hand-crafted from the heart in called for. Quicker than running to the store for real flowers, much quicker in my case, and oh so sweet. And my daughter was more than happy to deliver the gift, so I caught her with my camera on her way out, promising not to show her face on my blog. Well at least not more than a tiny glimpse!

Mazal Tov! Congratulations to our neighbor whose oldest son just got engaged. All the siblings were so excited and I knew that I must send them something, but what? I’m just not the type to whip up a cake, but  something quick and crafted is of course right up my alley! So on an already very busy Friday afternoon I made some crepe paper flowers using neon colored crepe paper that I purchased a while back. And the vase, well it’s time to start passing along those white vases I made last year, and now my closet has one less.


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