Birthday Cake Decor In Minutes: Birds and Mushrooms!

Need a super quick birthday cake theme? I sure did last week when my daughter’s tenth birthday party coincided with a very busy week. And after spending hours folding beautiful paper cranes, they were really the life of the party anyway, so the cake just needed to be cute enough and look festive. Plus I really didn’t have even a few minutes to spare, especially since unbeknownst to me my oven was not working properly and the cake took at least two hours to bake! (I thought that silly distracted me had added twice as much water as necessary!)

So my friends, here’s the tip: look into your crafting supplies closet and just pull out whatever you find and stick it into the cake! Okay, not exactly, but you get what I mean. I did plan ahead and purchase the little birds, only I didn’t realize I’d be using them on the cake, and lucky me I bought exactly ten! The birds had little wires attached to their feet, which I wrapped around toothpicks. And I bought various sizes of little mushrooms in Amsterdam last year, which have come in handy throughout the year. As usual I baked the cake according to my favorite chocolate cake recipe, and dripped over the top a chocolate mocha glaze, which I then covered in sprinkles.


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