Birthday Shavuos Cupcakes In A Pinch, With A Cherry On Top!

Making cute cupcakes in a pinch is something anyone can do, like for a birthday party in school, or in my case for a birthday party in school just before Shavous! There is of course one other very important element involved in this idea, and that is, are you ready for this……the cupcakes just have to be cute, they don’t have to be works of art that took you hours, or that will make other kids jealous, or their mother’s panic when it’s their turn! Got it? It’s really all about ditching the perfection and just doing something that will make everyone smile, not break out into a sweat.

Okay, I’ll admit, as creativejewishmom, there is quite a lot of pressure on me to perform when crafts and creativity are involved, but sometimes it’s just not possible to make that cake or that craft that makes everyone swoon, well at least not possible if one needs to sleep.

And this morning I had no choice but to take my own advice, as there quite simply wasn’t time to do anything beyond what you see in these photos. I baked thirty cupcakes in three batches and couldn’t find the special candies I’d set aside for decorating nor did I have any sugar left to make the glaze I’d planned on, (and since I’d already borrowed a cup of sugar, well I just couldn’t go searching for more!) you know so the sprinkles would stick!


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