Chocolate Mocha Glaze Icing For Your Next Cake!

Nearly two years ago when I first started this blog, I posted my basic chocolate cake recipe and promised to add to that post the recipe that I use for the chocolate glaze topping which is simple, stress free, and can be made with basic ingredients that you most likely have in the cupboard. Well, wouldn’t you know, a few months short of two years later I was just linking to that post for a birthday cake post that I’ll be sharing next week and lo and behold I saw my promise—unfullfilled that is! Whoops….that’s life in the busy blog lane, so here is that recipe at long last. Use it, enjoy it and if you’re like me, you may even realize that as long as there are some sprinkles on hand, your family will love this simple solution to icing a cake just as much as something made in the mixer!

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