Moroccan Mofleta…..The First Leavened Bread After Passover

If you happen to mention mofleta to a Moroccan, the response will very likely be something like “ahhhh, mofleta, my Savta’s mofleta is the best!” Mofleta is made from dough very similar to pita dough, with just a touch more oil, and it is cooked in a frying pan like a large pancake. Good mofleta must be made from very thin dough, and is quite tasty when eaten with butter and honey. (Symbolizing abundance, sweetness, and happiness, and also Israel, the land of Milk and Honey.) While mofleta is eaten during the year, in some families every Rosh Chodesh, in others as a Chanukah treat, it is universally enjoyed amongst Moroccans as the first bread after Passover. And I mean right after Passover, like the very same night that the holiday ends!  (This would have been last night for those outside of Israel.)

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