Possibilities for Passover

Yes, a Passover seder is the Jewish custom most observed by Jews.  On the other hand, when surveyors asked that question they didn’t ask about the seder itself.  For some people, it’s enough to get some Jews together and eat dinner.  For others, add some Manishewitz and they’re Passover good to go.  Here are some interesting alternatives enjoy.

Tablet has some great ideas for the seder, great insights.  Not that I condone it for the forst night, but check out the Cocktail seder– very funny stuff.  And if you would like another take on the same, try the Sipping Seder.  Not so funny for quinoa fans that rabbis now want a quinoa free Passover. Finally, take a look at the Tablet Haggadah, you’ll be glad you did.

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