Menorah of the Week: Stick it in the Spokes of a Consumer Economy

Oy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…sounds like extra Passover plagues, nu?

I come from a long line of bargain hunters, but trampling each other at Wal-Mart might be an indicator that shopping has become a sickness in America.

Yes, sitting at home today with a cocktail and clicking until the credit card charges prompt a phone call from a VISA customer service agent inquiring whether you meant to purchase six inflatable aqua bars to be delivered to your children’s elementary school may also warrant a reign-in of spending superpowers.

I know, Chanukah and Christmas are coming up fast and your list is long. And Android tablets can be found for less than a pair of decent shoes (me, I’ll take the shoes.) But are you really saving if you’re buying buying endlessly buying cheap sh*t from China that will be obsolete by spring?


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