Gluten-free Lemon Passover Cupcakes with Blackberry Jam and Lemon Glaze

This cake is not just for Passover, friends. And it’s not even just for the Jews. I’m convinced that this is one that everyone will like. I try to test out as many of my recipes as I can on my friends so that, by the time I share it, I have gathered as much (hopefully honest!) feedback as possible. So last week, I brought this cake to my classmates and to several other friends (the brave souls who are willing to serve as taste-testers for all of you!).

And the feedback? They liked it. Like, really liked it. And I am so glad they did, because this is one of my favorite cakes. It’s got a lovely lemon flavor without being overpowering, which means it pairs perfectly with jam (mmm, it’s so amazing with jam!) and/or a simple lemon glaze. It’s light, airy, slightly spongy but not too spongy. In fact, it’s so light that you’ll be tempted to eat 2 – 3 times the normal volume of cake you might normally consume – just a fair warning.

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