Chabad of Fox Chapel Helps CTVP Pack Gifts for Terror Victims

Chabad Terror Victims Project welcomed a group of tourists from the Chabad of Fox Chapel, under the leadership of Rabbi Ely and Shterny Rosenfeld. The group was in israel on a Chabad Israel Mission organized by Shalom Stark of and came to volunteer their time to help CTVP pack hundreds of gifts for victims of terror and wounded IDF soldiers and their families throughout Israel.

The group listened intently to Rabbis Menachem Kutner and Yossi Swerdlov as they described the vitally important, life-sustaining activities of CTVP on behalf of victims of terror and their families. As part of the day’s activities they were also taken on a tour of Kfar Chabad including the Shmurah Matzah bakery.

One of the participates told Rabbi Kutner: “This visit was very important to us. It gives us a hands-on opportunity to participate in a wonderful work that’s being done and will hopefully bring comfort and hope to families shattered by terror.”

Rabbi Yossi Swerdlov added: ”It is very beautiful for communities to come and spend some time in Israel. It makes their trip even more meaningful when they get to do something tangible the people of Israel.”


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