Chabad Offers Food, Shelter and Comfort During Storm

While residents throughout the Northeast were assessing damage to their property in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, Rabbi Moshe and Leah Shemtov, Shluchim to Stamford, CT, were preparing the Chabad Center to help the many who were without power.

Emails and text messages were sent out, letting members of the Stamford community know that shelter and warm food were available for anyone who needed.

While several dozen were expected, in fact, hundreds were helped. Chabad’s staff manned the newly installed kitchen, and the Chabad Gan’s Morahs and Friendship Circle staff had games prepared for the children. The Shluchim utilized the opportunity to share words of Torah and Tefilah.

Rabbi Shemtov noted that the Alter Rebbe taught “A Jew needs to live with the times” – with the Parsah of the week. “How appropriate that during Parshas VaYeirah which begins by teaching us about Avrohom Avinu’s Hacnosas Orchim – that the Chabad House has the opportunity to bring the lesson to life.


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