Chabad Celebrates the Hewlett Sefer Torah

An enthusiastic crowd of families on Sunday celebrated the completion of a new “Hewlett Sefer Torah” at the Chabad of Hewlett.

Beginning a little after noon, music, food and drink, dancing, and expressions of “mazel tov” set the scene for the happy occasion. Dozens of children participated in the celebration as well, with special crafts and activities.

“We always talk about the ‘joy of Torah’, but on Sunday we actually felt the joy as a community,” said Rabbi Nochem Tenenbaum, who presided over the event. “My wife Rivke and I were overwhelmed with the love and support we witnessed that day. This is truly an historic day for Chabad of Hewlett and for the Hewlett community.”

Dancing spilled out onto the street, as the celebration continued into the afternoon. Fourth Precinct Auxiliary Police assisted by closing Railroad Avenue for some time.

“There was such of feeling of unity among those of us that attended,” said Jeffrey Lane of Hewlett. “I met so many families from the area and we all knew we were there to be together for each other.”


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