Anti-segregationists target synagogues

I write to you from Israel – this is my view as a religious person who is deeply disturbed by the growing anti-Haredi movements among those Israeli’s who do not understand what we are for.

It wasn’t enough that the anti-religious movement that is being fueled by a rabidly anti-religious left wing secular media wanted to dictate what a sincerely devout religious sect wanted to do with their own buses and schools, but now those same anti-segregation scum are targeting the places we pray.

As I walked to shul this past shabbos, I was assaulted by feminists and other secular folks calling me Jim Crow. They couldn’t have been mad about the buses, since the kosher-mehadrin buses don’t run on shabbos. Instead they were marching outside of my shul, yelling at me to integrate the ezras nashim and the men’s section together.


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