The flagship shul of the American Kiruv Industry

I was bored in shul this past Friday night, so I decided to do a statistical analysis of the people in attendance. I first counted out 120 men, then started breaking it down a bit more, I noticed very few light suits, even fewer folks without suits, 13 people wore colored shirts and there were approximately 50 black hats, one gray straw hat and I started wondering whether or not a black hat shul was literal or if it were the hashkafa.

I was doing this all in the flagship shul of the American Kiruv Industry, Ohr HaTorah in Dallas Texas. The shul is enormous and kind of overwhelming at first, I walked in late and couldn’t find a seat, no one offered to find me a seat, but giving these Kiruv Professionals and Flaming Baalei Teshuva’s the benefit of the doubt I assumed they were all lost in the beautiful prayers of kabalas Shabbos and too petrified of the Lord to find me a seat, or even welcome me into their lair.


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