Have you ever done a Ta’anis Dibbur?

The other night, my facebook status read as follows: May actually do a Ta’anis Dibbur this year because shul for me is one long running commentary on how much this sucks. Of course, someone had to get offended and claim that I was just trying to piss people off – which I most definitely wasn’t. The status was more of a cry for help this sucks – “how do you deal with the sffliction of a long drawn out service that doesn’t really affect you at all?”

After the woman told us she was offended there were actually some very nice and thoughtful comments concerning the practice of Ta’anis Dibbur – which is when one takes it upon themselves to refrain from talking the entire Yom Kippur. This means that I won’t be rambling on about how crappy the chazzan is, talking loshon horah about the Rabbis shoe of choice and having the all too present sex talk that men can’t seem to let go of – even for the holiest day of the year.

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