A Book of Life

Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual Practice
by Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

This is a book that charts a clear path to a more spiritually rich practice of Judaism. For all the cycles of lifefrom waking in the morning to retiring at night, from the weekdays to Shabbat and holidays, from the beginning of the year to its close, from birth to deathRabbi Michael Strassfeld presents traditional Jewish teachings as a guide to behavior and values. Where the tradition is replete with rituals he describes them and shows us how they can enrich our spiritual life. Where rituals are sparse or nonexistent (such as returning home after work), he suggests new ones gleaned from his own study and experience.

Rabbi Strassfeld also brings the principles of ‘insight meditation’ to Jewish life, using this practice to recover and reconstruct Judaism’s spiritual dimension. He describes a Judaism that encourages within us a spiritual awareness as we participate in both traditional Jewish practices and the mundane activities of daily life.(508 Pages)

Publisher: Schocken Books, 2002

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