Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons from the Ancient Rabbis

Larry Kahaner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

“Pound for pound, Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons from the Ancient Rabbis delivers more wisdom and practical knowledge than a decade of working experience. Every corporate board should adopt the principles of this bible into an ethics pledge to be signed by their chief executives.”
–Stephen McMenamin
Chairman, The Greenwich Roundtable
Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud: Business Lessons From the Ancient Rabbis offers business advice that has endured for thousands of years. While business fads come and go, the ancient lessons of the Talmud are timeless, profound, ethical, and practical–and they’re for everyone.

Classics such as Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Machiavelli’s The Prince are now standard reading in business schools, but the Talmud (which means ‘study’) has been overlooked, mainly because of its massive size–2.5 million words–and the mistaken belief that it is a religious, mystical, or sacred work. Written in 500, but based on oral works centuries older, the Talmud is a comprehensive manual for living that covers almost every aspect of life–medicine, childrearing, astrology, law, food, religion, business, real estate, education, marriage, philosophy, and mathematics–and has been passed down from generation to generation. It emphasizes business matters because commerce, more than any other human activity, tests our moral mettle and reveals our true character, and because business offers us some of the best opportunities to do good deeds such as giving to charity, providing employment, and building prosperity in our communities and the world. Rather than demonizing wealth and trade, the Talmud teaches us to treat commerce as a wonderful opportunity for improvement, challenging us to think of work and money outside the narrow focus of self-interest.

Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud is a concise guide to this proven philosophy of business. Beyond basic money-related matters, it includes the Talmud’s advice on complex issues of employer/employee relationships, partnerships, competition, and much more. Here, you will learn how to run a successful business, negotiate with style, earn the loyalty of your employees, sell products successfully, advertise effectively, and make higher profits, all within an ethical and moral framework.

Larry Kahaner highlights the Talmud’s most important contribution to modern businesspeople: a time-tested, value-based system that happily blends our business, personal, and spiritual lives. In Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud, he shows how profit and prosperity can go hand in hand with honesty, kindness, and community service.

Practical rather than dogmatic, the Talmud’s guidance is helpful to people of any religion or no religion at all. Values, Prosperity, and the Talmud offers all of us a chance to get back to basics and do business in a way that affects positive changes in our communities–and in ourselves.

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