Divine Kosher Cuisine

Catering to Family and Friends

Divine Kosher Cuisine is a comprehensive, user-friendly cookbook for creative cooking and gracious home entertaining. It has 14 chapters with more than 400 recipes, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Filled with over 200 spectacular color photographs and diagrams, this cookbook has engaging commentary and helpful hints bound in a hard cover with a concealed wire that lies flat.

  • Traditional classics, vegetarian and reved-up versions, like Fig-Walnut Chopped Liver, Vegetarian Chopped Liver, Wontons a.k.a. Kreplach and Herring Antipasto.
  • Dramatic international tidbits, like sushi, bruschettas and terrines.
  • Traditional soups along with clever soup combos like Apple Brie, Carrot-Mango and Artichoke-Potato.
  • Plain to fancy salads run the gambit from classic to gourmet. Creative combinations of vegetables and fruits, beans and pastas, and our Signature tuna, whitefish and egg salads.
  • Essential classics, like Signature Brisket and Signature Roasted Chicken. Elegant variations, like Brisket with Burgundy-Orange Sauce and Chicken Wellington with Raspberry Sauce.
  • A vegetarian chapter with many entres plus loads of additional recipes throughout this cookbook makes creative use of tofu, cheeses, beans, pasta, rice and flaky dough.
  • and much more!

This cookbook is the product of a cooperative project at Congregation Agudat Achim, a conservative synagogue located in the upstate New York town of Niskayuna, near the state capital of Albany. The cookbook combines a unique collection of recipes derived from congregants’ treasured family contributions and Signature recipes from the synagogue’s all-volunteer As You Like It Kosher Catering service.(384 Pages)


Publisher: Congregation Agudat Achim, 2006

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