20 Women to Compete in Holocaust Survivor Beauty Pageant

Twenty women between the ages of 74 and 90 will compete for the title of most beautiful Holocaust survivor on Thursday.

During the beauty pageant, which will be held at the Ahuzat HaCarmel event hall in Haifa, each contestant will take the stage separately and share her Holocaust survival story with the audience. The winner will be crowned by former beauty queen Tamar Ziskind.

“When I was a little girl no one took notice of me, but now everyone is interested,” said 74-year-old contestant Esther Liber. “I’m not in it to win. I’m competing because it puts us all in a good mood and is a pleasant experience.”

Chava Hershkovitz, 78, says “we will all dress glamorously. I’ll be wearing a skirt and a pretty black blouse.”

Chaya Caspi (78), who was born in Romania, says the contestants “are not competitive. We will congratulate the winner. What matters is internal beauty and helping one another.

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