European Jewish Communities Ramp Up Security Following Toulouse Attack

Jewish communities throughout Europe have been ramping up security measures over the past 24 hours, in light of the fear that quickly spread since Monday morning’s shooting in Toulouse.

“After what happened in France yesterday, police have been deployed outside all schools,” said Sylvan Landau, who has been vice-president of the Union of Jewish Communities in Belgium for the past 40 years, and lives in the city of Antwerp. “We have raised the level of security to three, to a category of “severe”, where the country’s maximum is four. That was an initiative of the government. They don’t want to take any chances.”

“Yesterday there were more telephone calls than usual from members of the community, but they were not panicked, because it’s has already happened over here, unfortunately: a conflagrate bottle was thrown at a synagogue in Brussels a few years ago, and a grenade was set at the entrance to the diamond center before a bus carrying children to a summer camp 25 years ago,” Landau explained on Tuesday. “There are no few problems with Muslims here, but there haven’t been any bombs since then.”


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