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Kosher Butcher – Ensuring the Beef is Kosher

Kosher Butcher

Kosher is a term that basically means that food and wine are produced in a kosher way.  The food must be certified and the production must be overseen by a rabbi to make sure all criteria are met.  In the case of fruits and vegetables it’s not a problem.  Everything that comes out of the […]

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Kosher Candy – Do I Have to Give Up the Good Stuff?

Kosher Candy

Kosher food is fundamentally pure and cruelty free.  It is also a very healthy, natural way to eat and that may seem to throw out candy as an option.  But, surprisingly the variety of kosher candy is huge and includes many readily available commercial brands.  There is also a large selection of pareve candy, meaning […]

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Kosher Cheese – Difficult to Make but Worth the Effort

Kosher cheese

Eating kosher is a way of eating that follows certain religious dictates determined by Orthodox Jewish Rabbis.  The belief is that only food produced without cruelty and without contaminates be consumed.  Part of the practice is making sure that all food certified kosher only be served with other kosher food.  A cow is certified kosher […]

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Kosher Chicken – What Makes a Chicken Kosher or Not?

Kosher Chicken

While eating kosher is based in the Jewish faith many embrace it for the fundamentally healthy aspects of it.  Kosher food is prepared in facilities that are constantly inspected.  The preparation is carefully monitored and there are no contaminates permitted.  Kosher chicken is an example of a meat that goes through a process that takes […]

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Kosher Chocolate – Is Kosher Chocolate as Good as Non Kosher?

Kosher Chocolate

For many years people have joked that chocolate is its very own food group, and the best one at that!  Eating chocolate is one of life’s enjoyments and living a kosher lifestyle does not mean that you have to give it up.  In fact there is a wide variety of kosher chocolate available today and […]

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Kosher Cookies – A Special Dessert for a Kosher Meal

Kosher cookies

It’s Passover and you and your family have celebrated with a huge kosher meal.  Everyone is too stuffed when they leave the table for a fancy dessert but they may have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying.  One make-ahead dessert that everyone loves is cookies and if made carefully they can be an excellent addition […]

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Kosher Delivery – Possible no Matter Where You Live

Kosher Delivery

Eating kosher is a way of life for many Jews and non Jews both in large cities and in the country.  For many going to a kosher market or grocery store is part of everyday life and not a problem.  But for those that don’t have easy access many stores and markets offer kosher delivery […]

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Kosher Desserts – The Perfect End to a Kosher Meal

Kosher Desserts

Kosher is a system of eating with very strict rules governing most of the food groups.  For instance, kosher meats must be prepared a certain way and are limited.  Most vegetables and fruits are kosher but a careful inspection is still required.  Some foods, such as pork and shellfish, are completely eliminated.  One area with […]

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Kosher Dill Pickles – Is a Kosher Pickle Kosher?

Kosher Dill Pickles

Kosher dill pickles are somewhat misleading.  The term kosher describes a regimen of eating that is following by the Orthodox Jewish religion and other individuals interested in a healthy way of eating.  As a rule it includes meat and fowl slaughtered in a specific manner that is as cruelty free as possible with some exceptions.  […]

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Kosher Fish – Not All Fish are Kosher

Kosher Fish

Eating kosher is a way of eating followed by Orthodox Jews and one that is gaining notice as a healthy method of eating for non Jews.  To be kosher everything eaten must be certified kosher and be only eaten with kosher items.  There are some pretty strict rules regarding beef and fish and what makes […]

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Kosher Food Online – The Internet May be Your Best Grocery Store

Kosher Food Online

For thousands of years people have been eating and preparing kosher food.  For the first several thousand years it remained the same and even twenty years ago to eat kosher you had two choices.  You either needed to live in a large metropolitan area with a large Jewish population or take on full responsibility for […]

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Kosher Food – A Healthier Way to Eat

Kosher Food

If you have seen the little kosher “U” on packaging or you have been raised to eat kosher as a member of the Jewish faith you may have a few questions about it.  As a rule kosher is a very clean, cruelty free way of eating that adheres to strict religious codes.  A food that […]

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Kosher Foods – What Exactly Does Kosher Mean?

kosher Foods

Kosher is a term used to describe the acceptableness of certain foods and drinks to people that are Orthodox Jews.  Kosher foods can come from any of the food groups as long as the proper procedures and protocol have been followed.  A food thought to be kosher may suddenly be non kosher simply because it […]

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Kosher Gelatin – When Is It Kosher and When Is It Forbidden?

Kosher Gelatin

Gelatin has been a little tricky for people trying to eat kosher.  The base of the issue is that gelatin is not always made the same way and from the same products.  The bulk of the gelatin on the market and used in food production is made from the bones of cattle.  Gelatin made in […]

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Kosher Gift Baskets – A Great Gift Any Time of Year


Kosher is a way of eating that involves food prepared in a cruelty free way and pure way.  It is a method of food preparation that insures no contamination and only uses ingredients from plants and animals that are certified kosher.  The term kosher is a term that originated in the very early days of […]

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Kosher Market – Where Eating Kosher Gets Easier

Kosher Market

For people that practice Orthodox Judaism eating kosher is a way of life and that is the religion that is responsible for kosher certifications.  Many people are surprised that while the term kosher is Jewish, it is practiced by a surprising number of non Jews.  Members of the Church of Latter Day Saints have many […]

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Kosher Meat – Why Eat Kosher?

Kosher Meat

People eat kosher meat for a lot of different reasons.  If you are Jewish chances are you ate kosher at certain holidays or at certain family members.  As a child you might not have even thought about what kosher meant, it was just a term that you heard your relatives use.  In fact, the word […]

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Kosher Meats – What is Kosher and Why?

Kosher Meats

There is a wide range of meat producing animals that are considered kosher.  In the most basic interpretation an animal is kosher if it is cloven hoofed and chews its cud.  That would mean that cows, deer, and goats are all candidates to produce kosher meats.  It also means that some cloven hoofed animals such […]

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Kosher Recipes – Kosher Recipes Made Easy

Kosher Recipes

Kosher food preparation can be a little bit tricky at times, considering all of the things that must be done to keep it “kosher”.  While it can be tricky, there are a lot of recipes out there to help you do it more simply than if you were trying to adapt non-kosher recipes and make […]

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Kosher Wine – What Makes Wine Kosher?

Kosher Wine

If you are familiar with the fundamentals of kosher it may seem that all wine would be kosher wine.  After all, wine is generally made up of sugars, acidity, phenols and alcohol, all of which are kosher.  It would seem logical that wine would be.  But, it’s not really that easy.  A wine being certified […]

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Kosher Wines – What Makes Wine Kosher or Non Kosher?

Kosher Wines

Wine has been around for thousands of years and has been a significant part of many religions for almost as long.  Wine was widely used in Israel in Judaism until the Muslim took Israel and decreed it to be a Muslim state.  The Jewish population worldwide has continued to use kosher wines both for religious […]

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Kosher Gifts – Perfect for Jewish and Non Jewish Friends

Kosher Gift

Giving gifts can be somewhat tricky.  In this day and age of political correctness we worry that we will inadvertently offend someone when we were just trying to be nice.  You might not be aware if the recipient practices kosher or not, you might not be aware of whether they are Jewish or not.  Giving […]

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