You say you’re conservative, but you’re pretty frum!

Like most folks who grew up in a frum environment I had very little exposure to other non-”orthodox” streams of Judaism. The entire extended family on my fathers side is frum all the way back, so I never had any conservative or reform bar mitzvah’s that we had to deal with – I say deal with because whenever someone frum has a non-orthodox event to go to they make a whole fuss about how yopu can’t go into a conservative or a reform shul – but that they got a heter to attend to the kiddush.

So until moving to from Rochester to Albany I never had much close contact to other non-orthodox Jews. Sure, I saw them on line at H and H Bagels after Yom Kippur and occasionally at Jewish events, but I never really entered their homes and got to examine them up close, they were as foreign to me as Chassidim and Catholics.


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