Think About It For A Second

What if some woman writes into us from Yemen how upset she is at the media’s portrayal of the state of Muslim women and how wonderful this Muslim lifestyle is and how she can leave whenever she wants and how beautiful the Koran’s view of women is and how all her friends are so happy etc, and she just fails to mention that she’s an educated American with enough resources and means and outside ties to leave whenever she wants, and the country really has no way of stopping her because shes an American citizen?

I wonder if the baalei tshuva talking about the XOJane Chaya article can see how much of an outrage that would cause among Arabic women who left Muslim countries to live in America and who are trying to raise awareness of the abuse they and their sisters and mothers are going through. And how they would respond to things like “I’m sorry you went through that, but that’s not how REAL Islam is supposed to be like.” Fuck you, that’s EXACTLY how real Islam is in most Arab countries, whether you live it or not. How dare you cover up someone else’s pain because it interferes with the image of your beautiful kumbaya lifestyle.


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