We’re Grateful For… Having Come A Long Way, Baby

As we approach this year’s Thanksgiving, I asked some of the JWA staff members how far they’ve come—personally or politically, culturally or collectively—and how that’s inspired a sense of gratitude. Here is a sampling from Etta King, Michelle Cash, Stephen Benson, and Ellen Rothman.

Etta King, Education Program Manager

This year, I am truly grateful for my social network. Over the past twelve months, my social network found several people jobs, raised money for friends who lost their homes, crowd-sourced enough curricular materials to teach three years of Sunday school classes, helped kick-start EPs for at least three budding musicians, provided non-partisan (and partisan) information on candidates and proposals up for election, celebrated weddings, new babies, and commemorated the passing of several amazing people. My social network brought together a Catholic-raised Goddess worshipper and a Jewish maggid in discussion about how religious institutions can fundraise and community build. It taught me to make fresh-baked bread in an hour (you proof it in the microwave!). It helped my mom assemble a search party for our lost cat (whom we found), and it provided me with infinite opportunities to learn, share, laugh, cry, and grow. The compassion, conviction, and humor with which my network collectively approaches life’s joys and challenges inspires me to no end. The power of our connections and ideas is great enough to make real change in the offline world. I can’t wait to sign in and see what comes next.

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