Yeast Free Spelt Rolls

Eating spelt instead of wheat and avoiding yeast altogether has helped many people with digestive problems as well as a myriad of other health problems. “You are what you eat”, so hopefully all is well, but if you do decide to try some changes in your diet or need to suit the needs of a visitor, a few yeast-free, wheat free recipes are always great to have on on hand! And these little yeast-free spelt rolls are sure to please, since the yeast free spelt bread you’ll find in the health food store is a dense little loaf that’s pricey, and  honestly isn’t all that delicious! And while I do plan to get into baking yeast free sour dough bread, that takes quite a bit of effort, so this little recipe which I came up with myself is doing the trick for the moment, until further notice!

These little rolls that look like muffins will please just about anybody who likes whole grain bread, and they are especially delicious toasted. Yesterday I had a nice little lunch which consisted of making open face sandwiches with some slices of goat cheese and delicious summer tomatoes. It was truly divine!


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