Matzah: It’s What’s For Dinner. And Lunch. And Breakfast.

So about now you’re probably entertaining thoughts of gooey crust pizza and Wonder Bread sandwiches, am I right? Eight days is a loooong-ass time to not eat bread or any other poofy pastry, but I figure it’s not nearly as hardcore as running away from Egypt and wandering around a desert wasteland for 40 years. A little suffering for the palette is the least we can do to honor our ancestors’ intestinal fortitude.

Though he writes his own kosher reality when it comes to shrimp, El Yenta Man has been quite disciplined about not sneaking off for a bagel this year. I think it’s because he went a’Googlin’ for the meaning of chametz and found out that the spiritual consequences of violating Pesach law are pretty serious. Leave it to Wikipedia to make a believer out of my husband. I think he’s in the garage right now, trying to figure out how to make Passover-friendly beer.

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