We endorse Shmuley Boteach for Congress

JTA has reported that our neighbor in nearby Englewood, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, announced his run for Congress.

We endorse his candidacy. We believe that overall it would be a good thing for rabbis and the for all things connected with the Talmud to have a Rabbi in Congress.

We do not endorse all of Boteach’s positions on issues. He needs to clarify where he stands on many things. It seems he is a political conservative on many issues, something we are not comfortable with. But his views as reported are somewhat quirky, which may be a valued asset in a complex campaign.

Given the make-up of his district, and his complete inexperience in politics, we expect that there is little chance that Boteach will win in the election. But we do wish him well and offer him our support. Here is the JTA story:

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