Shivas Irons’ Golf in the Kingdom Comes to Film

The Times starts its meaty article about the long-awaited film version of Michael Murphy’s famous golf novel, Golf in the Kingdom by saying that the book is “practically a sacred text.” We think that they mean that it has mystical and philosophical qualities, that people read the book with veneration, and that it addresses ultimate issues of life and meaning. Indeed, like religion, the game of golf is quite elaborate in its rituals and practices and in its demarcations of space. And the classic golf book in question goes far beyond addressing those surface issues. It’s one of the most memorable books we ever read.

We are eager to see how the film treats the highly complex book and the more elaborate realities of the game itself. Charles McGrath’s essay on the film’s long gestation, “A Mystical Tale, From Tee to Green,” for the Times begins thusly:


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