Is the Polara Golf Ball Kosher?

No, the USGA “rabbis” have declared the Polara golf ball is treif, it is not kosher, as the Times reports.

The ball has special dimples that violate the rules. “Polara Golf claims to have engineered a ball that will fly straight and resist the most stubborn slice or hook, at least 75 percent of the time.”

The Times (Teeing Up a Duffer Debate, By DON VAN NATTA Jr.) actually says, “…there is nothing kosher about the ball.”

The United States Golf Association has already declared the Polara illegal, and there is nothing kosher about the ball. Even its miniaturized arrow flouts the rules. To point the arrow so the ball takes flight in the correct direction, a player needs to move it as it sits on the fairway. That in itself is illegal.


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