Why Women Can’t Even Say Thank You – it’s the Beruryah Code

illiam Kolbrener lives in an Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Israel. Writing in the Forward he expresses his frustration that his neighbors are not polite to him. In his essay, “When Women Can’t Even Say Thank You,” he is surprised, and he is sad, and finally he decries that the, “Stifling Modesty Code Prevents Everyday Acts of Civility.”

As his article explains further, “No Contact Allowed: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli women are taught to avoid all contact with men, even if it involves something as simple as saying, ‘Thank you.’”

Kolbrener laments that “Common sense civility in the public sphere” is missing from the Ultra-Orthodox. He concludes that “chivalry is dead” and worse, that women in that community live in a “repressive culture of silence.”

Bill, we all have repressive rules. There is no place that we know of where you can walk up to a woman on the street and ask her if she would like to have sex with you (well maybe in some parts of Hollywood, but that is another story). The question is where you mark the ball on the field, how far away from the goalposts.

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