by Nikolayev Kapeliah

A Hopping Virtuoso Performance of Chassidic Niggunim by Klezmer Stars Alicia Svigals, Sy Kushner, Jeff Warschauer, Marty Confurious, and Nicki Parrot.

The spirited folk-group who made their smashing debut at the Chabad Centennial Symphony Celebration, brings you an entire album of Chassidic music in their inimitable and unforgettable sound and style. Performing a selection of hand-picked tunes and melodies from the treasure-trove of a couple hundred years or so of hassidic melodies, the group, using original Russian folk instruments, captures the essence and delight of these tunes, the way the ancient Chassidim might have heard their music played years ago in Russia. This is a true blending of two worlds, the songs of yesterday with the sound of today.

Track Listing
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1. Live in Concert – Nyeh Zhritsi
2. Nigun Rikud
3. Ashreinu
4. Mashke
5. Nigun L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov
6. Nigun Hisvaadus
7. Nigun Gaaguim
8. Nigun Simcha
9. Tal Yasis
10. Ochein Atoh
11. Ech Du
12. Nigun Hisvaadus II
13. Nigun Simcha
14. Nigun Hisvaadus III
15. Nigun Hisvaadus IV
16. Klimovitcher’ Nigun
17. Nigun Binyomin
18. Kol Bayar

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