The Shabbat Lounge

by Craig Taubman and Various

Craig ‘n Co. presents a whole new soundtrack for Shabbat! This 52-weeks-a-year holiday deserves its own line of chillout music, and Craig Taubman delivers with 13 dynamic arrangements of Shabbat classics.

Label: Craig N Co., 2006Track Listing
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1. Greetings
2. Candles
3. Dror Yikra
4. Shir Hamalot
5. Tzur Mishelo
6. Chiri Bim
7. Yedid Nefesh
8. Boi Kalah
9. L’cha Dodi
10. V’shamru
11. Hashkivenu
12. Shalom Alechem
13. Eliyahu

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