Two Snow Days In Israel!

Gotta love a mosaic pot in the snow! If you’re up for a fun mosaic project, so take a look at my DIY mosaic pot tutorial for making mosaic pots like this one, that will weather a good storm once in a while! (Meaning those of you who live in zones 5-7, with frost, and occasional snow, like our region here in Northern Israel.)

It’s been a good four or so years since we’ve had anything more than a slight dusting of snow here, so we were very thrilled when a real winter storm came our way and left our mountaintop city looking like a winter wonderland! I know, snow and Israel don’t seem to go together, and much of the country did not look like this, but our city, in the North, and well as Jerusalem, are high enough for real winter once in a while, yippee!
I always say, that I love one day of snow, enough to enjoy it, but not too much that it becomes very inconvenient, as we are not equipped to deal with snow. At the slightest flurry, schools are closed and the majority plan to just stay home. No problem, I’ve got a few crochet projects  underway, and the kids certainly don’t mind a little unexpected vacation!

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