Ramblings about Death and Appreciation

Even as I mounted my bike and rode up the switchbacks through towering redwoods, I couldn’t relax. It was too close to shabbos to relax, sure I was happy to finally be away from people, the city and any distractions besides for my sweaty brow and labored breath. The ground was soft and I rode real hard, but I still couldn’t ride everything I wanted to. I did get to ride my favorite downhill trail in all the land, jumping logs, small table tops and dirt jumps as I screamed through the woods at record time using every inch of suspension my bike had.

Yet I didn’t feel relaxed until I sat down on a lawn chair overlooking my friends vineyard tucked away on a nice hill above Santa Cruz overlooking the quickly fading sun, this is where I was to begin shabbos and this was where I could finally let my mind roam free. I have been working quite a bit lately, it’s been great, I love what I do and it’s pretty cool that I get paid to do it, but sometimes you just burn out and need some time away.

Like most people, the winter is typically not as relaxing as the summer. Even though it hasn’t rained much yet and I’ve been able to roam around the countryside, until today it got dark early to truly enjoy the moment without feeling the rush of darkness.

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