Top 10 frummy obsessions

God provided me this idea in the middle of shemona esrei, I was saying chonen h’daas which is a pretty cool blessing for someone who sometimes takes the brain for granted and God put forth the idea to write about the frummy obsession with Wal Mart. I was thinking of this, because although Wal Mart is an evil corporation, frummies don’t seem to be into the whole boycotting thing and besides, workers rights are a socialist thing that goes against everything Rush and Palin stand for.

Top 10 frummy obsessions:

Moshiach in times of distress: Every time something bad happens in the frum community, you can be sure that everyone will start to claim moshiach must be on his way, apparently he’s/she’s been on the way for thousands of years and although he came multiple times, the non-Jews never recognized the validity of Judaism.


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