This Is The Matzah

First introduced in “This Is the Pumpkin,” Max and his family now prepare to celebrate Passover. In cumulative verse reminiscent of “The House That Jack Built,” Max and his sister Ruth shop for matzah in the Passover aisle of the grocery store. }}”This is the matzah stacked in the aisle. Max reaches up to the top of the pile. ムMatzah for sandwiches, matzah for snacks, for matzah meal brownies and Seder,メ says Max.” }}The family gathers for the traditional Seder that celebrates this holiday of freedom. Symbolic Passover foods are eaten, little sister Ruth chants the Four Questions, and Max takes his turn telling the story of the flight from slavery in Egypt over three thousand years ago. After dinner, the children hunt for matzah that Grandma has hidden. Then they check Elijahメs cup to see if the prophet has visited and taken a sip of wine. Reading level: Ages 4-8

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Note: is owned by Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, which is one of the oldest Judaica stores in the United States. Their store has been open for over 75 years!

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