The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden

Set in the years immediately following the Civil War, The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden tells the fascinating story of a Jewish family migrating westward in search of a home to call their own and a life free from oppression. In this new novel, author Robert J. Avrech vividly renders the essence of long-standing customs and teachings of two fascinating cultures – Jewish and Apache. }}We meet Ariel, a wise, serious and sometimes impulsive boy, who is determined to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah and help his family find a place where they belong. As he embarks with his family on a series of adventures beyond their wildest dreams, he encounters Lozen, the sister of the great Apache warrior chieftain, Victorio. Ariel and Lozen soon become fast friends and learn from one another how both their peoples practice their traditions and beliefs in the face of incredible challenges. These youngsters take genuine pride in their unique customs and, at the same time, marvel between the similarities between their two seemingly disparate cultures. }}As Ariel and his family traverse the rugged, lawless American Southwest, readers come to know and embrace Ariel’s pragmatic Mama, his scholarly Papa, and his sister, Rebecca, who dreams of living a more settled, typically American way of life. As this exciting adventure continues to unfold, we meet a colorful cast of characters, including the famous Indian warrior, Victorio, courageous settlers, members of the United States Cavalry, scalphunters, and the notorious Doc Holliday. All of these people, whether good or bad, share one trait in common; they have all traveled westward for the promise of a new beginning. }}The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden is utterly authentic, brimming with reverence, suspense, humor, truly memorable characters, and perhaps the unlikeliest minyan ever to witness a Bar Mitzvah! This unforgettable debut novel takes a fascinating look at the history of America and reminds readers that the many faiths that our people observe are exactly what make our nation whole.

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